Mustafa KÖYLÜ

Technical Sales Professional

Mining Engineer (M.Sc.)

Senior Web Developer

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Who is Mustafa KÖYLÜ?

An industrious hands-on technical sales professional holding M.Sc. degree in Engineering and has been working in industrial B2B area for more than 7 years along with key account portfolio management. Goal-oriented and results-driven persona with experience and knowledge gained in multinational company, had opportunity to cooperate with direct end-users, OEM, EPC, EPSS.

Equipped with building and shaping aggressive growth strategies under ever-changing market conditions based on data and market analysis. Excelled at motivating teams through organizational goals and executing interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with diverse departments.

Collaborating with the technical crew and supporting department managers to complete sophisticated initiatives on time. Capable of comprehend strategic plans to implement company wide continuous improvement solutions and enhancing efficiencies. Ensures solid communication across domestic and international business units. Determines of competitor strategies and strict follow-up of competitors.

Accustomed to working in fast-paced environment with the ability to think swiftly and successfully handle devious clients. Describing himself as initiative taker, deft multi-tasker, self-motivated, driven to succeed, welcomed for new ideas and eager to learn anything new.

Always waiting to meet criticism openly and accepts it as a challenge. Seeking a management position with a progressive international company in where he can be fully exploited. 

  • Age 35
  • Location: Canada
  • Status: Available
  • City: Calgary, AB
  • Phone +1 403 771 89fortyfive
  • E-mail:


In which major subjects did he study for?


In which companies did he work?


Which foreign languages is he capable of?
  • Turkish

    Natively capable of academic level reading, writing, speaking and understanding competence.

  • English

    Capable of professional level reading, writing, speaking and understanding competence.

  • German

    Capable of daily life communication level reading, writing, speaking and understanding competence.

  • Russian

    Capable of daily life communication level reading, writing, speaking and understanding competence.



Hard Sales Skills
  1. Buyer Research Analysis
  2. Having Business Acumen
  3. Product Expertise Knowledge
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Very Active Listening
  6. Customer Engagement
  7. Conflict Resolution Method
Soft Sales Skills
  1. Having Empathy
  2. Quick Adaptability
  3. Hard Resilience
  4. Self-Confidence
  5. Time Management
  6. Easy Collaboration
  7. Long-term Relationship Building
Sales Capability
  1. Asking Insightful Questions
  2. Building Strong Trust
  3. Two-Way Conversation
  4. Creating Value to Win
  5. Having Win-Win Mindset
  6. Having Multiple Contacts
  7. Learning from Lose & Failures
Sales Process Skills
  1. Problem Solving - Troubleshooting
  2. Sales Demoing & Presentation
  3. Negotiating with Objections
  4. Prospecting Sales Leads
  5. Social Selling & Marketing
  6. Following Up Sales Leads
  7. Closing Sales Activity
Sales Competencies
  1. Up Selling & Cross Selling
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Having Persistence
  5. The art of persuasion
  6. Impressive Storytelling
  7. Having Resiliency
Focus KPI & KPM
  1. Sales & Margin Growth
  2. Sales Pipeline Value
  3. Conversation Rate
  4. Customer Acquisition Value
  5. Sales Cycle Length
  6. Customer Churn Rate
  7. Deals Won-Hit Ratio

Sales Ability

In which topics is he competent?
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Ensuring customer loyalty and its sustainability through Customer Relationship Management oriented approaching.

  • Account Portfolio & Budget Management

    Designating action plans for final goals based on rational budgeting of existing portfolio and executing the plans accordingly.

  • B2B Pitch Field Sales Operation

    Providing flawless sales process from the first stage of interaction with client through the final stage of trade proactively.

  • Business Development & Sales Strategy

    Developing sales strategies focused on targeted industry, sector or company and designing their business modals.


Coding Ability

In which coding technologies is he competent?
  • 97%

    The world's most popular blogging platform

  • 95%

    The world's most popular e-commerce platform

  • 95%
    CM Systems

    All popular and common content management systems

  • 85%

    PHP language & MYSQL database management

  • 90%
    HTML5 & CSS3

    The most recent coding and styling language of WEB

  • 80%

    Fundamental coding component of WEB


In which areas may he create value for you?
Industrial B2B Technical Sales & Sales Management

Determining aggressive sales strategy based on rational sales budget and gross margin then applying it accordingly.

Website Building, Designing and Content Development

Projecting user friendly website which has the most recent coding technologies, focused on target market and goal.

Key Client / Industry / Sector / Account Management

Administrating and managing of the existing client portfolio served in heavy-industry which is considered as substantial.

Personal & Corporate Graphic Design and Concept

Designing artistry professional and eye-catching graphic works and preparing them to be printed without any color losing.

Business Development and Customer Acquisition

Creating action plans for accounts and various industries which are targeted to be acquired, and practising it smoothly.

Google S.E.O. & Social Media Account Management

Resulting your website in first pages afterwards projected keyword search in Google search engine and social media channel management.


Completed projects which may be demonstrated as a reference
Website Project
Website Project
Luba Commerce
Website Project
Maden Mühendisi
Corporate ID - Graphic
Mining Engineer
Website Project
Micro Site
Website Project
Bolvadin FM
Website Project
Moda Söve


How may I get in touch with him?

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    Mustafa KÖYLÜ
    Sales Professional & Engineer (M.Sc.)
    • Age: 35
    • Location: Canada
    • Status: Available
    • City: Calgary, AB
    • Phone: +1 403 771 89 fortyfive
    • E-mail:
    Mustafa Köylü